Creativity in-transit:
material ideals and spatial negotiations

An archive of the practice-led doctoral research project by Kaya Barry

"Creativity in-transit" was a practice-led research PhD project examining everyday practices that travellers undertake, through the act of packing a bag. Using photographic documentation, interviews, and in-situ ethnography, the research was based on tourists to Iceland and Nepal - two very diverse destinations where extreme environmental experiences contrast against everyday process and activities.

Transiting Journal

Recent publications from the research include:

- Barry, K. (2017). Everyday practices of tourism mobilities: Packing a bag. Routledge.

Barry, K. (2017). Transversal travels: The relational movements and environmental intensities of packing a bag. Studies in material thinking, 16, 1-17. Available at:

Barry, K. (2016). Diagramming: A creative methodology for tourist studies. Tourist Studies. First published online before print: Nov 28, 2016. doi: 10.1177/1468797616680852

Barry, K. (2016). Transiting with the environment: an exploration of tourist re-orientations as collaborative practice. Journal of Consumer Culture, 16(2), 374-392. doi: 10.1177/1469540516635406

Barry, K. (2016). Packing as practice: creative knowledges through material interactions. Tourism Analysis, 21(4), 403-415. doi: 10.3727/108354216X14600320851776

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